Necessary information regarding the Part C Plans

In this article we are going to discuss about some of the basic frequently asked questions regarding the Medicare Advantage Plans 2016. So let us discuss them one by one:

Date for enrollment

All people who have an age greater than or equal to 65 years can enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans and enrollment period starts at 15th of October and lasts till 7th of December every year. The enrollment period dates were modified during 2011, and since then they have remained same even till today similarly for the 2016 Medicare Advantage Plans the enrollment period started on 15th of October 2015 and ended on 7th of December 2015.

Medicare plan enrollment period is known as Annual enrollment period, and people can use this period to modify different characteristics of their coverage such as:

  • Moving from Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare or other way around.
  • Transforming from one of Medicare Advantage plans to another plan.
  • If you forgot to enroll in Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan) before then, you could do it in this period although you might face a late penalty fee.

Although the following are some of necessary conditions for becoming eligible:

  • A person should be already enrolled in Part A and Part B.
  • It is important that scheme is offered in your area.
  • One cannot get health insurance benefit scheme if he suffers from End-Stage Renal Disease.

Auto-renew option

Normally the people who are enrolled in Medicare Part D or in Medicare Advantage Plans and do not want any modifications in their plans then they do not need to do anything because their plans are renewed already, however, if you find your plan non-eligible or discontinued then you will receive a non-renewal letter from your plan provider that states that you do not fulfill certain requirements now but in case you do not then it means your plan has been renewed already and there is nothing to worry about.

But there can be complications when the benefits or premiums of a scheme change in some year therefore, it is important that people should check conditions and rules of a plan every year so that they can make up their minds that whether they want a certain plan or not because it might be possible that due to the new changes some other plan is now the best available option.